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Guest Lecture about Microservices at the Chemnitz University of Technology

Posted on Jan 24, 2017

Today I delivered a guest lecture at the Chemnitz University of Technology at the chair of Distributed and Self-organizing Systems. The lecture revolved around microservices in practice at Spreadshirt.

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The talk was about our monolithic legacy system, the problems we had with this system and why we moved to a microservice architecture. I described both the benefits of microservices and the challenges we have to deal with.

Facebook post by Prof. Dr. Martin Gaedke about my guest lecture

The international students were very interested and asked some smart questions. ;-) Hopefully, my lecture provided them with an insight into the daily work with distributed systems in practice.

I like to thank Prof. Dr. Martin Gaedke for this possibility and for being a very kind host. And good luck for the students for the upcoming exams!